1 Minute Prayers for Japan

Can you spare one minute to pray right now?

Prayer has great value any time faith is applied. This page contains simple, one-line suggestions for you as you pray for Japan and its people. Thank you for taking a minute today to pray!

    • Pray for Japan’s young couples and newlyweds, that God would find them and bring them into a church family.
    • Pray for an awakening in Japan’s youth. That they would be reachable, affected, and made new through the changing power of Jesus Christ.
    • Japan’s economy is the worst-indebted in the world. Please pray that Japan would be able to get back on its feet, reducing joblessness and regaining financial strength as a nation.
    • Japan has a high divorce rate. Please pray that the Japanese would find Jesus in their family matters, applying the Word to their marriages and homes.
  • Japan has a very high suicide rate, due to job stress, school bullying, stress at home, loneliness and many other reasons. Please pray that the spirit of self-hatred and pride would be removed from this nation and replaced with the freeing Spirit of God.
  • Many Japanese participate in cultural religious activities, including the worship of dead ancestors, worship to idols and various deities, and making offerings to these false gods. Please pray that the idol worship in Japan would become transparent in the eyes of the Japanese, opening their vision to see Jesus Christ as the truth.
  • Japan is rampant with pornography in convenient stores, manga, bookstores, almost everywhere. It is thinly disguised as it is even readily available to kids and adults alike.
  • Japan rates as one of the world’s most active in producing child pornography. This perverted act against children is an absolute abomination to God. Please pray for mercy on the children, those producing these materials, and saving grace for all.
  • Japan has very little Christian television or radio programming available. Please pray that communications would be made wide open to the gospel message, allowing more people to come to know Jesus Christ via the airwaves. There are, however, several Internet radio stations catering to Christians and to sharing the gospel through music and teaching. Please pray that these would continue and thrive!
  • Japanese school kids are worked very hard, with little free time for social activities or fun outside of the school environment. Please pray that these kids would find a balanced future.
  • Japan’s government is slow-moving and highly indecisive. In these critical days, please pray that the leaders of Japan would be wise and move as needed to help the people of Japan.
  • Japan’s population is rapidly aging, with little new growth and fewer couples having kids. Please pray that a younger generation would rise up and take hold of Japan’s future!
  • Pastors and missionaries are in great need in order to continue planting churches and disciple leaders.
  • It is difficult for teens to attend church due to their intense school workload. Please pray that doors would open for both ministry leaders and for teenagers to connect!
  • Continue to pray for the areas of Japan affected by the March, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Many still need financial help, housing and a new start in life.
  • Pray for each prefecture of Japan, especially those towns which have no churches whatsoever.