Sayounara, USA – Konnichiwa Nihon

The Big Move Our family is going to be moving to Japan in a few short months.  This is the result of some amazing and wonderful […]

A World Without …Stuff

The Lord gave me a wonderful picture in my mind.  He spoke to me through it. I will describe to you this God-moment wherein I was […]

Obligation vs. Responsibility

Obligation and responsibility.  These two words are perhaps two of the strongest words in the English language.  They evoke thoughts of work, family and ministry.  They […]

Japan Trip 2010

July 13-24, 2010 Konnichiwa! We recently returned from a trip to Munakata City, Japan.  The trip included times of ministry, fellowship and food with many of […]

Are you a couch potato?  YouTube wants you to be a computer potato. Google, Inc. which owns YouTube, wants you to watch more TV.  On the […]

The Debate on “Bait”

Lately I’ve become attuned to ministers and organizations that use terms such as “baiting” unbelievers to “get them in here” (referring to church), or to nudge […]

The Most Fun I’ve Seen in a Long Time… Yatta!

Maybe I’m late in the game, but I just saw this video for the first time.  It is not only silly, but it’s well done and […]

Why Didn’t You Seisho (say so) – or – Bibles Don’t Talk by Themselves

Currently, Japan’s population is about 127 million people. As you may know, the population will be declining more rapidly than ever as fewer couples have children […]

A-San Rises to Walk in Newness of LIFE

We received the following report from Kita Kyushu Fukuoka for Christ (KFC). This is fresh news of a conversion/water baptism just yesterday. Five weeks ago I […]