Toyoda’s Tears Win Over Japan

Toyoda’s tears win over Japan | The Japan Times Online.

Gathering Together / ???

The following four scriptures from the New Testament bring out important truths about the concept of Christians “gathering together.” Please read the scriptures, then scroll down […]

Posture and Position

On Friday, 3/26/10, the JP Missions fellowship met at our home (you are all invited every month, by the way), and I had the opportunity to […]

National Vision for Child-Rearing

National Vision for Child-Rearing | The Japan Times Online

Keep your Foot out of your mouth at the post office | The Japan Times Online.

‘Spiritual Fathers’ Needed for Church in Asia

A2 Stories via Mission Network News | ‘Spiritual fathers’ needed for church in Asia.

Digital Media Trends 2.0

A great article and overview of some of the more popular social networking outlets today. Digital Media Trends 2.0

Poll: How Can Japanese be Encouraged to Have More Children?

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Retrospective of US-Japan Relations

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