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Pray for the Japanese

Sometimes simple reminders are the best kind. This one is to ask you to please pray for Japan and its people. Pray that spiritual darkness would […]

Japanese Firm Creates Robot Girlfriend for Lonely Men

I simply could not post this without commentary.   First of all, the fact that any man would buy a 15-inch tall robot to soothe his […]

MBCC Praise Festival 2009

[print_link] Sunday, May 10th was a powerful day at Munakata Bethel Christian Center here in Japan. We celebrated our 2nd Annual Praise Festival in the afternoon […]

Japan’s Dream Machine

Since its rebirth after World War II, Japan has always been an industrial and technological leader, starting off with perfecting previously exisiting inventions, then moving into […]

Japanese Teens’ Cell Phone Use Out of Control

[print_link] A recent survey found that cell phones are taking over the lives of many Japanese teens. According to the education ministry survey, about 46 percent […]

Creativity Lives Everywhere

[print_link] I  am a designer  professionally.   I have a natural, God-given  inclination toward the creative element.   I am  a musician, poet, writer and artist. […]

Escalator Prayer (Japanese)

Enjoy this wonderful work from Heavenly Father, Glory honor and praise be Yours forever. You are from beginning to end, And in You all things […]

A Prayer of Faith for Japan & Strategies in Prayer

Praying for Japan and for Japanese people (or any people)  is a matter of love, pure and simple.   It is easy to pray and ask […]