Saint Nicholas and the Origin of Santa Claus

Bishop St. Nicholas, early American St. Nick, & American Santa, from Santa Claus Comes to America, by Caroline Singer & Cyrus Baldridge, Alfred Knopf, 1942 How did […]

Who is St. Nicholas?

  St. Nicholas Artist: Susan Seals All rights reserved Exclusive print in our shop The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born […]

Jesus Livin’ = Purpose Driven

I have to admit, I am not one for tag lines and fad-like sayings. I try to use as much “normal” English as possible, and steer […]

The Joy of Being Me

The ability to be content — truly content — was not part of the package at birth.  I am not sure if even it occurred at age 20, […]

Back to Basics – Remembering not to Forget

A more original title I could have chosen, but choosing the basic title was part of the point of the writing of this article. I have […]

What is Truth? Holding Out on the Secret to Life

The vessel is full, and someone put the lid on it. This world is full of problems, so…Why don’t more people recognize Jesus as the truth?  Because […]

Summer Fireworks 2011年7月23日

This was just plain fun, so for those who could not see it on our Facebook page, this is for you!  Pick an occasion to celebrate […]

Building Bridges that Last

Bridges make for a perfect illustration when discussing relationships.  Two people can be at opposite ends of a bridge, where crossing over will obviously get them […]

Why Zatoichi is Great

Warning:  This just might be fun for you to read.  It may not contain deep spiritual truth.  It might cause you to start a new video […]