Weekend Greetings from Japan – Yufuin Walk

By Nils Olson – 02/18/2011 We visited a resort town in the mountains of Oita Prefecture for a few days in early January. Yufuin is our […]


日本に今日重々しく私の中心に重くのしかかる3つの人々グループがあります: 働いている人間 - 長い仕事の日と課外の活動の限定された時間のために届くべき最も難しいグループの人。 日本で男性たちに届くことは家の指導力と聖職を教えることについての目的で家族全体に達することにおいてブレークスルーでしょう。 若いカップル - 多くの若いカップル - がけれども前に愛情を欠いた関係を持って来た世代の影と真実の愛の遠い感覚にいます。

The Move to Japan

Greetings, friends!  We landed in Japan last night at 8:10 pm, exited the plane and headed to the baggage terminal to meet our missionary friends Nils […]

The Fabric of Society

In America there is a phrase used to describe what I would refer to as “common ground.”  The essence of who we are as a people. […]

A Question of Fame

My 12-year old daughter Sophie recently asked me a question I found to be mildly amusing.  She asked, “Dad, will we become famous in Japan?”  Now […]

A Special Message

Dear friends, Things are really speeding up with our move to Japan as we depart in January, 2011.  What a time this is for all of […]

Billy Graham on Technology and Faith

I stumbled across this interesting video clip seeing Billy Graham address a modern issue where the rubber meets the road. Even more relevant now (this was […]

The Real Voice of Japanese Students

I thought this video was thoughtful and it moved me to want to help. I’m looking forward to supporting these practical needs and requests of Japanese […]

How Do We Reach Them?

There are three people groups in Japan that weigh heavy on my heart today: Working men — one of the most difficult groups to reach due […]