Four Cornerstones

Ministry to the Japanese

Not unlike most Christian ministry, the human elements are the most important. Programs and physical locations for ministry are also important, but these four human elements are truly the cornerstone of ministry in Japan. Why?

Japan is an island nation, and the people are much the same individually; most stick to their own business, but to a fault, often ignoring great needs or situations requiring responsibility.

apan is roughly 1% Christian, which means most have never heard of the gospel of Jesus Christ, read the Bible or most likely have never before met a Christian. It is for this reason that Christians who are on the ground in Japan realize that every living soul is literally an opportunity to share the love of God.

Learn more about four variables which make a big difference when applied to one's personal ministry and in dealing with the Japanese.


 What makes friendship a unique element

in ministering with the Japanese? Many Japanese do not become exceedingly close in relationships or know intimate details of their friends. Becoming a friend means spending time, sacrificing your own time to enrich someone else's life, and most importantly, gaining and maintaining trust. Trust and consistent friendship mean a lot to the work of any ministry, especially a new ministry or a new relationship with people.

Jesus had friends, and He is our friend today for those who know Him. He spent dedicated time making disciples, teaching and sharing. He cared for them and loved them deeply. In the same way, we can become a vessel through which refreshing ministry can flow and overflow into the lives of those around us.


 We all know that the world is full

of deceit, lies, and self-serving attitudes. Embracing a heart of genuine concern for people can become a trait by which you are known. Keeping relationships open in honesty, sincerity and kindness will launch your ministry to the Japanese far and above any cultural or statistical study.

Being genuine means not only being yourself, but displaying the liberty and grace you know from the Word of God. Being genuine means being a real Christian example, living it out in our deeds and in our speech. Salting the earth with the goodness of God causes people and situations to change--forever!


 In difficult situations, it is easier to give up

than to go on. It is easier to rest than to work, to climb down than to climb up. Most people have felt disappointed in themselves at one time or another, but almost everyone has been disappointed by someone else. Broken promises and thoughts of "this is not the person I thought I knew" lead to a broken path of consistency which is difficult to rebuild because it involves time and trust, two of the most valuable assets on the planet.

Consistency means being there when you promised, and doing what you said you would. It means going to the next level where many people would find it diifficult to be consistent in their prayer lives, Bible reading, and reaching out in a habitually life-changing way. Indeed Japan missions work is challenging, but it is also equally rewarding!


 God opens amazing doors that only He can

to show Himself strong and to display His greatness. Opportunities abound in almost endless daily situations, so when God opens special doors of ministry opportunity, it is always a blessing and life-changing.

Opportunity is also where you find it, and where you make it. Knowing what is ahead and seeking opportunities to minister to the specific, built-in needs of the Japanese is essential to this cornerstone. Japan is no different than many nations around the world right now: economically in trouble, morally declining. Therefore, Japan is an endless sea of opportunity with just about every person being someone who has never heard the full gospel of Jesus Christ. Creativity and love are a powerful blend when the main ingredient is the Spirit of God.